3 Ways To Ramp Up Your Office Team Building And Flow

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3 Ways To Ramp Up Your Office Team Building And Flow

19 July 2017
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In order to really get your company operating at its full potential, make sure that you are focusing on cohesion and team building. When these matters are important to you, you will not only create a joyous place to work, the results will be palpable. To create a climate of participation and teamwork throughout your company, start out by following the tips below. 

#1: Help to clear the mental clutter

Procrastination is a huge problem among every business sector in America. Today, people have so many distractions that it is difficult to focus and procrastination becomes a serious issue. Set the tone in your workplace by making sure that there are few distractions and that employees are encouraged to relax into their work flow. Keep windows and blinds open to let and plenty of natural lighting and create an overall positive mood in your office. It may also be worth your while to block social media sites and other time wasting sites that employees might get caught up in. One thing you can do to revolutionize your business is incorporate meditation. Meditation trains people to watch their thoughts so that they do not get carried away by them. Hosting group meditation sessions can have everyone in your office quiet their minds, so they are able to get on the same page and focus on projects together.

#2: Make sure that your office is as healthy as can be

As the popular maxim asserts – "health is wealth". Because of this, do everything that you can to make your office as healthy as it can possibly be. Consider setting up a work gym to give people the opportunity to get some fitness in during their break time or before or after work. Keep nothing but healthy foods in your office, since this leads to healthy brain activity. Further, install some water cooler so that people are always able to remain hydrated. Even mild dehydration of 2% or less takes a toll and decreases your brain function.

#3: Participate in group activities outside of the work place

Finally, make sure that you create plenty of opportunities for collaboration outside of work. Company retreats are an excellent way to do this, giving everyone the chance to vent, clear their minds, bond and recharge. Visiting an escape room is an excellent way to also furnish participation in team building. These escape rooms consist of simulated scenarios where everyone is locked in a room and must use clues and teamwork to get out. A company like Houdini’s Room Escape can give you more information.

Apply these tips to get more team building in your workplace.