5 Totally Unusual Wedding Venues That Actually Work

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5 Totally Unusual Wedding Venues That Actually Work

24 July 2017
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Picking the venue where you want to hold your wedding could be deemed the biggest wedding planning decision you have to make. From barn weddings to seaside nuptials, there are all kinds of venues for the picking, but there is nothing saying that you have to go a traditional route where your venue is concerned. In fact, there are some pretty awesome wedding venue ideas that are totally out of the ordinary but still work well just the same. Take a minute to look over these three unusual wedding venues that may be out of the ordinary, but offer an incredibly memorable setting. 

On A Boat 

Take your love of the sea with you when you choose a wedding venue and consider getting married on a boat. If you are having a rather small ceremony, you could get married in the presence of the few people that matter the most right on a small pontoon or fishing boat. However, you could also rent a small yacht or houseboat for the day so you have room for more guests and a good space to hold your wedding reception. Whichever you choose, going for a boat as your wedding venue means you get a totally private setup surrounded by water. 

In a National Park 

Across the country, tucked away in some of the most beautiful locations the US has to offer, there are national parks that serve as some of the most highly sought after locations, and believe it or not, many of these parks will allow you to hold an event inside. From the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to the Grand Canyon National Park, these places mean your wedding could possibly be held in an incredibly attractive location. Some even offer specific venues for wedding planners, so it is always a good idea to check them out.

At a Library 

Perhaps you and your significant other bonded over your love of Hemingway, Poe, or Shakespeare. Or, maybe the two of you just find something about a library incredibly enchanting. Either way, imagine holding your wedding ceremony in a library. This is actually possible in some locations and is especially popular in some of the historic libraries where ceremonies can be held at the venue after library hours. Many of these paces have conference spaces as well that are perfectly sized and equipped for a wedding reception, which makes this seemingly odd venue even more befitting.

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