Three Cool Bachelor Party Ideas For The Straight-Laced Guy

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Three Cool Bachelor Party Ideas For The Straight-Laced Guy

2 August 2017
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Bachelor parties are generally thought of as mischievous affairs during which groups of men hit the town, gamble, and engage in questionable sexual activity. The movie "The Hangover" certainly made out-of-town adventures seem like the norm for bachelor parties. But what if you've been asked to plan a party for a groom who is a bit more on the straight-laced side and who would not appreciate barely clothed dancers and other misadventure? By no means does that mean you can't still plan the party of the century! Here are three awesome bachelor party ideas for the straight-laced groom.

Visit an Escape Room

Escape rooms are becoming an increasingly popular group activity across the country. The basic premise is this: you and your friends are trapped in a room, and you have to solve certain clues and puzzles to figure out how to unlock the room. Often, the rooms have different themes. For example, you might be in a spy-themed room or one where all of the clues are about sports. Many escape room facilities have multiple rooms and allow you to choose one based on your interests. Each room may have a "level" so you can choose easy, moderate, or hard based on your group's skills.

This can be a great activity for a low-key bachelor party because it encourages everyone to work together. This way, when the wedding day arrives, all of the men will know each other a little better. If the escape room experience is over too quickly, you can all go out to dinner or grab a beer afterwards to drag the night on a bit longer.

Embark On a Beer Tasting

If the groom does drink, just not to excess, consider embarking on a beer tasting experience as the bachelor celebration. When you're only tasting small samples of various beers, you're less likely to become overly inebriated than when guzzling pints at the bar — so this can be a good way to let guests relax and drink socially without getting too wild. Everyone will also learn how to properly taste beer if they don't know already.

Many breweries offer beer tastings and tours, which are a fun idea that will occupy several hours. If the brewery serves food, you can stay for dinner afterwards. Another idea is to book a charter bus and have it take you from brewery to brewery. You can sample a few beers at each brewery and also stop at other key attractions along the way for pictures and snacks.  

Go Kayaking

If the groom is a nature lover, setting off on a kayaking adventure is the perfect way to celebrate the end of his bachelorhood. If not everyone in your group owns a kayak, look for a place that rents them out along a river or lake. You can set sail at 10 am or so with some sandwiches and drinks packed for lunch, find a comfortable spot to hit shore and eat, and then paddle back a few hours later.

Depending on where you live and what outdoor adventures are available in your area, you may even want to kayak down a river, tie up your boats, go for a hike, and then kayak home. There are sure to be plenty of fun conversations and bonding moments as you navigate the rough waters and relax in the summer sun.

Present one or more of the ideas above to the groom, and see how he feels about it. Chances are, he will love the idea of going to an escape room, taking a beer tour, going kayaking, or even combining a few of these activities into one big day.